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How to escape the traps of development and testing in multiple streams of work

Prelegent: Bruno Mańczak Software Quality is important but so is Time to Market, i.e. time needed for the software to reach its end-users. Balancing between those two factors decides which product prevails and which product becomes obsolete and forgotten. Fortune awaits for The One who knows how to find the balance between those two forces.…

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Continuous Delivery and beyond

Prelegent: Michał Krzyżanowski Continuous Delivery enables us to deliver software quickly and with high quality, ideally keeping our application production-ready with each code change, allowing us to ship that change right away. It is not a trivial process to introduce in a project or organization though. But can something as complicated as Continuous Delivery get…

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Zapomnij o jakości, skup się na szybkości

Prelegent: Bartosz Szulc Już sam tytuł ma wydźwięk mocno kontrowersyjny. Jak to zapomnieć o jakości, zwłaszcza na konferencji poświęconej zapewnianiu jakości i testowaniu? Nie ukrywam, że moim celem jest wywołanie kontrowersji. Chciałbym rozpocząć dyskusję o znajdowaniu balansu pomiędzy prewencją, testowaniem a głodem podjęcia ryzyka przy wypuszczaniu niepewnych zmian w świecie ciągłego dostarczania, wdrażania. Popularne wśród…

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Automated Testing for Common Errors and Difference Recognition for a Web Application with AET

Have you ever thought about a tool that would allow you to automatically test your page for most common errors and track visual changes throughout its development? Have you ever dreamed about a tool that could automate change supervision during authoring phases or migration processes? Do you think that regression testing across a range of…

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From CI to CD – user story

Thanks to our inner drive to optimize all repetitive tasks supported by business pressure to deliver solutions more frequently, we are constantly inspired to remove waste from our software delivery process and shorten a release cycle. I could easily be convinced, that as the need to solve big-bang integration issue and everlasting hardening iteration arisen,…

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