What Tester can learn in support

Prelegent: Maciej Wyrodek
In Waterfall project, you can often hear that testers are the last people working on the project. In Agile you won’t hear it so often cause they will mention that admin has work to do too.

But usually, lots of us forget about real last line (or as they are called „First-line”) the support. They are the ones dealing with a project long after we will forget about it.

And they know our sins. Cause they have to deal with it.
During this presentation, I will tell a story from the beginning of my career. About working in support for a project I have tested.
I will also show you why I think every tester should do it at least once in their life. And how knowing that there always be bug is different from experiencing it on your own skin

Presentation overview:
– A short introduction to company and project.
– Explanation of relation with customer.
– Analysis of post launch support.
– Lesson learned.
– Analysis how other companies integrate support feedback into their development cycle.

Key Lessons:
– Focus on testing what is important for clients.
– Support knows pain and problems of customers.
– Quality of testing has an impact on Customer Care life.

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