Bruno Mańczak

QA Engineer by passion, Psychologist and Cognitive Scientist by education. Currently, he is working as a Quality Assurance Lead. Bruno loves to be involved in projects from the very start and to see how a vague vision created by business oriented people is converted into a full-fledged application that is available to the customers, especially since he can oversee the quality of such applications along the way. In the development, he especially likes the fact that it is a team game and everyone involved (business analyst, developer, QA…) can have a real impact on the end result of the development efforts. He is people oriented and thus puts big efforts on improving the communication and the information flow among team members. He likes to talk directly to the client and he is not afraid to stand up and speak up for what he thinks is right, he advocates for clarity in communication, even during the hard times. During the past 4,5 years, he was mostly involved in web development in Scrum methodology. He automates tests using mostly Selenium WebDriver with Java, he tests using session-based testing and plans any QA activities using brains, not only templates. He refuses to follow blindly any processes and likes to challenge the status quo. He likes to learn and share his knowledge, that’s why he tends to support and train the interns in the company.

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