Exploratory vs Scripted Testing, where lies the future of best test plans?

Prelegent: Michał Buczko
Exploratory testing is getting more and more attention. We start see it as valid testing methodology. Starting a new project as a test leader you need to define the approach to take on testing the product. Scripted or Exploratory testing you have to choose carefully to ensure a successful outcome. We will try to discuss the factors you need to consider to make best choice for your projects. What path is more efficient or better to adapt..

James Bach in his article „What Is Exploratory Testing?” described exploratory testing as „test design and test execution at the same time.” In contrast, scripted, testing has planning and design phases, followed by test execution. The outcome of test design are plans, specifications and test scripts. These artifacts are used during test execution.

In this session we will discuss factors influencing the effectiveness of both approaches, to select the most effective and efficient methods.

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