“Blind leading the blind” – Who are you? – Self discovery tools for a successful career, increased productivity and happiness

Prelegent: Mateusz Holewski
Presentation will start with a review of modern Personality tests and the key takeaways and faults. MBTI test classifies people into 16 types. The model simplifies one’s personality by placing you on only one side of a vector. “Big five” model was a basis for this test. We will try to understand why it may be not accurate. Next test is strength finder allows to find personality traits that are dominant and increase them. The problem with this is that while it is useful for people that are starting a career, it may be better for experienced employees to go the other way and follow continuous improvement philosophy.
SDI test will show how one’s personality changes in a conflict. What drives us when we are pushed to the limit?
Presentation continues with a plan to process received info and design an action plan.

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