Tomasz Czechowski

Tomek has been working for over 12 years in software industry. He has experience in testing, test automation, development and leadership. He led complex projects across multiple locations, up to 25-28 staff. Also he has been leading team consisting of highly specialized engineers. Passing the organizational vision, setting goals, providing support and feedback to the team members.
Tomek is a life-long learner. He learns to become a change leader, helping individuals, teams and organizations to work better under appropriate structure and common vision. He also learns to become a coach in lean/agile/testing methodologies.
In his private time, apart from spending time with family and doing gardening, he is leading social organization in Krakow, which engages and supports fathers in their fathering role. is part of, pioneer polish fathering organization.

Adaptability – the storiesenTestWarez 2017
Reorganization of test teams working on complex, high scale systems using KANBAN and empowerment of individuals for the magic of testing. We invite you to listen to two stories about introducing self-organization and improving transparency in test teams, based on our experiences with Motorola Solutions as Test Managers. We will talk about the magic these…więcej

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