Securing the Internet of Things

Prelegent: Piotr Nazimek
Internet of Things will have a huge impact on many areas of live like human health, home, workplace, city infrastructure or transport systems. Securing the IoT systems is essential for its reliability and sensitive data protection. Due to the nature of used hardware usually other techniques must be used than in typical systems.

  1. Internet of Things introduction
  2. Why security matters in IoT word?
  3. Security through obscurity
  4. Information security services: integrity, authentication, non-repudation and confidentality
  5. Hardware, network and data protection security layers
  6. Algorithms for lightweight cryptography
  7. Datagram Transport Security Layer protocol (DTLS)
  8. Authentication mechanisms
  9. Typical vulnerabilities of self-made cryptography: replay and timing attacks
  10. Testing tips – OWASP Top Ten for IoT
  11. Usability and/or security


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