Looking for standardization

Prelegent: Yaron Tsubery
We are having standards – even engineering standards – more than a century already. Around 40 and 30 years ago, our computerized world gain acceleration introducing PCs to the world. The rapid growth in having more computerized items getting into existing and new industries during the years, replacing manual and mechanics activities, required updates in the existing standards and eventually as well required to introduce new standards.
We already got mature in understanding that we would like to skip introducing local standards and working more towards having global ones.
Beside standards, new professions were developed while this technology growth took place, in order to better address this growth, and in the recent years even more, to address the very fast growth due to rapid technologies-based innovation growth.
Here we are planning to address the “organized mess” that currently we have in, between our standards that are there to serve us and serve the different roles and professions that developed, and raised during the years.
We will have a look at some simple examples and if the time will permit at some complex examples as well, that currently we see; then we will explore together in an open discussion possible solutions addressing these challenges.

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