Digital Disruption. Digital Design is the key for successful Digital Enterprises

Prelegent: Hans van Loenhoud

In recent years, we have seen successful enterprises emerging out of the blue, like Amazon, Airbnb, Uber and We call them disruptive, because they radically change the business in their fields, outcompeting the established players in a rush. These companies have two things in common: they put the customer at the center and maximize the use of IT.

Projects to build IT-systems that allow for this digital transformation are extremely innovative by nature, as they start from completely new concepts. Consequently, stakeholders have difficulties to define their requirements. Therefore, such projects require a different approach where the new system is proactively designed rather than derived from established requirements. In short, the key for successful digital transformation is the adoption of a designer’s attitude towards software development.

Digital Design is the next step in the evolution of software development that implements this need for design competence in software projects. It combines known practices from requirements engineering and Agile development with proven ideas from industrial design. Characteristic elements are a customer-centric approach, short and lean development cycles, frequent prototyping, continuous everything and the courage to take drastic turns if necessary. This mixture is essential for creating innovative and sustainable systems in the context of digital transformation.

This talk provides an overview of Digital Design and presents case studies from different domains that illustrate the successful application of it.

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