Automated Testing for Common Errors and Difference Recognition for a Web Application with AET

radeklawgminPrelegent: Radosław Lawgmin

MaciejLaskowskiPrelegent: Maciej Laskowski

Have you ever thought about a tool that would allow you to automatically test your page for most common errors and track visual changes throughout its development? Have you ever dreamed about a tool that could automate change supervision during authoring phases or migration processes? Do you think that regression testing across a range of environments is time-consuming and expensive? If so, and you still believe that there is much you can do to improve the quality of your site and at the same time make this process even more efficient and cheaper meet AET, an open-source testing tool for everyone!
This innovative tool will allow for automated comparison of the actual version of your site (its layout and source) to its pattern approved before by the user. During tests each page is also validated against W3C and accessibility guidelines and status codes for HTTP responses are tested. AET has been used in many projects realized by Cognifide and our clients for a few years. Last year it went open source.
Radek Lawgmin and Maciej Laskowski from Cognifide will take you on a journey through test automation experiences. The speakers will show:
• how easy it is to configure and launch automated tests for your pages with AET,
• how quickly you can analyse their results,
• how aptly you can identify issues related to them,
• new AET features that will make your testing even more effective,
• what the benefits of their implementation in various projects realized at Cognifide are.

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